Today we gonna share about common mistakes in muscle building. Fasten up your gains in size and strength by eating best foods. What you eat after your post workout that is matter for your body and healthy.

Chapter #1

  1. Stick with professional muscle mass building. Do not routine the same exercise daily.
  2. Focus on nutrition. Stick with the proper nutrition before & after the workout.
  3. Know your limits and do the exact muscle mass workout.
  4. In balanced or inadequate workout meal. You should take food before one hour and start the session, and after the workout you should take food within one to two hours.
  5. Over eating. Obesity is the biggest healthy problems mostly found in men. Not to overeating, do eat good calories at the time.

Chapter #2

  1. Do not compare yourself with others. Do and try your best, but do not compare yourself with others.
  2. Monitoring your progress. Do concentrate on your progress regularly. Make note of your improvement weekly.
  3. Too much workout. Too much muscle workout causes muscle stress and damaged. So muscle also need rest. Perfect workout is enough.
  4. And lesser workout. Exact opposite to previous one, do your workout with satisfaction, don’t think that you are doing perfect, give your best always.
  5. Do not quit workout, keep on doing is the best, some people won’t quit because they have confidence with them Do smart with the best shot.


  • Chicken sandwich;
  • Fruit salad;
  • Cereal;
  • Chicken stir fry;
  • Toasted wheat bread;
  • Dried fruits and nuts;
  • Tuna and wheat crackers;
  • Salmon meat;
  • Cereal with skim milk;
  • Egg white with spinach omelet;
  • Fruits smoothies;
  • Chocolate milk and protein powder;
  • Hard boiled eggs;
  • Water;
  • Banana’s.

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